Lakers News · UPDATE: Participation Fees and Varsity Letter Awards Position

District Athletic Department’s Position on Participation Fee Refunds and Varsity Letters
“The Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) Athletic Department is offering refunds for participation fees paid for the spring sports season. Contact your school Athletic Director to request this refund. If you desire, your paid participation fees can be donated to the school’s Athletic Department or applied toward next year’s fees.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic forcing the cancellation of spring sports; the following is the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) Athletic Department’s position on studentathletes receiving varsity letters, “because the spring season did not take place, schools will not be awarding varsity letter awards. Individual teams may present awards that do not require District funding.”

Should you have any specific questions surrounding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact your school Athletic Director at any time.

Remain safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

Respectfully Yours;

Antony M. Fisher, CMAA District Director of Athletics Minneapolis Public Schools