Varsity Gymnastics · Gymnastics wins Conference Championship!

Congratulations to our Southwest Laker Gymnastics team on being Minneapolis Varsity Conference Champions! Scoring a season high of 125.425 points! Great job Lakers!

1st: Southwest: 125.425
2nd: Washburn: 124.15
3rd: South: 112.675
4th: Roosevelt: 75.625
5th: Edison: 71.025
6th: Henry: 42
7th: North: 30.8
All Around:
1st: Capri Hanson (W) 32.5
2nd: Emma Meyer (W) 31.475
3rd: Franny Dicus Breen (W) 31.2
4th: Ruby Browne (SW) 31.025
1st: Emma Meyer (W) 8.55
2nd: Capri Hanson (W) 8.5
3rd (tie): Ruby Browne (SW)/Meredith Smith (SW) 8.475
1st: Ruby Browne (SW) 7.825
2nd: Olivea Walker (SW) 7.65
3rd: Emma Meyer (W) 7.4
1st: Capri Hanson (W) 8.225
2nd: Emma Meyer (W) 7.95
3rd: Ellie Barnett-Cashman (South) 7.8
1st: Franny Dicus Breen (W) 8.65
2nd: Annie Chu (SW) 8.575
3rd: Capri Hanson (W) 8.45