Varsity Track and Field · This week at SW Track & Field 5/27 (Sections and Banquet info included)

Hey Lakers,

Happy Memorial Day, sorry we had to cancel practice man was that a lot of rain today! This week we have sections and our final practice on Friday for everyone (although those who make state will continue).  Then next week Tuesday we will have the Potluck Banquet at SW in the commons to celebrate and remember this season’s achievements, fun, and best moments.


Sections Information:

Looks like tomorrow should be a pretty good day to race for sections! Just like the meet this past week, Tuesday will be a day of prelims with some events being finals.  Click HERE for line ups and schedules of the week but we know this is a tough section, but something we have been working and training for all season! So lets make it a great one!


Banquet Food Assignments:

Our end of the season banquet will take place at Southwest in the Commons (lunchroom) on Tuesday June 4th from 6:00-8:00pm.  This is our chance to celebrate all the great stories, recognize accomplishments, and share what this season held as a community before we head into summer.  This is a pot luck celebration so we ask each family to contribute what they can and we ask that families each bring a portion of the meal to help feed the group (think to feed about 6-8 people with each dish).  Make or buy your favorite food/drink and think outside of the box, you can only have so much chips and salsa/dip appetizers but can’t wait to try whatever you bring to the table!

Parents who want to help us with set up and take down please let us know, many hands make light work.

The food assignments are as follows:

-MS: Desserts

-9: Entrees

-10: Appetizers

-11: Drinks

-12: Salads/Bread



Tuesday- 5/28 Section Prelims @Orono

1:45 Athletes Excused from class (only varsity competing and cheering)

2:00 Bus Leaves SW

3:45 Field Events Begin

4:00 Running Events Begin

8:30 Expected return to SW

***Lineups and Events Times here***


Wednesday- 5/29

3:15 Attendance

3:30 Team warm-up (walk/jog)

4:00 Event-specific training

5:30 Girls Core in weight room/Boys Core in wrestling room

Event Group Workout Location and time Coach
D/MD Pre Meet/Recovery


Track Gelle, Ronnie, Jaime
S/J/H Pre Meet/Recovery

Technique and Steps

Track Brink, Gerhardt, Huff, Ray
Throws Pre Meet/Technique Josh
MS Glewwe


Thursday- 5/30 Section Finals @Orono

1:45 Athletes excused from class

2:00 Bus Leaves SW

3:45 Running Events Begin

3:45 Field Events Begin

9:30 Expected Return to SW

***Lineups and Events Times here***


Friday- 5/31 (Last Practice!)

3:15 Attendance

3:30 Practice Begins-

Modified one day “Decathlon” All athletes will compete in a test of all track disciplines. Where we will compete in various events and score points based on performances to see who is the best well rounded athlete!


Tuesday 6/4 Potluck Banquet @SW 6-8pm

*See details above*


As always we’re excited to see what is to come!


-The Coaches