Varsity Track and Field · Southwest Car Wash May 16th

Hey Laker families,

On Thursday May 16 we will have our annual car wash fundraiser from 3:30-6:00 at Lake Harriet Methodist Church.  This event is a fundraiser to help us afford coaches, get new equipment, and help out the community by cleaning their cars and is a requirement of the athletes.

Presale Tickets:

Since we cannot predict the weather, we pre sell our car wash tickets to our families, neighbors, friends, teachers, or whoever.  We ask for a suggested donation of $10/ticket (although if someone wants to pay you more or less that’s ok)

It is our hope that each  athlete will sell a minimum of 10 tickets and come back with the $100 for this event.  Monday at practice we will have tickets printed for athletes.

We need everyone on the team to help out.  The district only gives us funding for 5 coaches each year and no help with any equipment.  With a team our size this is nowhere near enough, however that size in situations like this can help us out! If everyone does their part we will be able to keep this program going strong.

Car Wash:

ALL athletes on the team are expected to be at the car wash helping out (remember you can’t letter without helping at fundraisers).  It takes a pretty good size number to get this done effectively, luckily we have a lot of helpers! If you are an athlete that expects to be able to compete in meets of all levels, then you are an athlete we expect to be here helping out.

On Thursday, all athletes will report to Lake Harriet Church parking lot (49th and Chowen) right after school.  The car wash will then go from 3:30-6:00.  We will have 2 lanes for cars and be rotating through jobs so that everyone can do what they want to that day. To do this we will need to make sure we have the following roles filled:

Hoses-                 2

Washers-             15

Dryers-                10

Squeegy-             4

Sign crew-           ~10

Ticket taker-      2

Please let us know if there is any other questions about the day you may have.  Hopefully we’ll get to see you out there Thursday and clean your car!


-The Coaches