Varsity Track and Field · This week in SW Track & Field 5/6

Happy Sunday Lakers!

Coming off of another great week and some fun meets and good performances.  Results from yesterday’s Minnehaha meet can be found HERE.  It was awesome to see the 7th through 10th graders really step up and some sleepy juniors and seniors, who all won or hit a PR in their events, perform well and we hope that all upperclassmen who didn’t make it had a great time at Prom! (we even got to see some of our athletes dressed up at the track!)

Athletes: Please continue to be in communication with coaches if there is a reason you can’t make practice.  As we announced this past week, starting Monday athletes who are not regularly attending practice will not be able to participate in City Championships nor will they be eligible for captainship next season.  We want to make sure those who are making track their priority and doing the work are rewarded, so for those in communication with us and on the track daily, we thank you and appreciate you.



Upcoming Events:

Linden Hills-Please make sure to sign up for the Linden Hills Festival May 19th HERE! We still have a few spots to fill.  If every athlete volunteers for 1 hour this will fill up our spots easily! We are hoping to use the money raised at this event for buying the team a new tent next season!!!

Carwash- We will be sending out information for the carwash which will also be happening this coming week (May 15th is the anticipated date but still TBD) which we will have each athlete responsible for selling 10 tickets for the wash and returning the money.

**Remember that participation in team fundraisers are a requisite for lettering for the season, so all athletes should help the team.  This money goes towards equipment, hiring coaches and everything needed to help the season happen so please do your part to help out!


Practice Plan:

This is week we will really focus in on technique and form, particularly when we are tired to help us prepare both physically and mentally for finals season coming up in just a few weeks.  These next few weeks it is imperative that athletes are at practice as much as they can be to be best prepared for the level of competition we will be seeing as the season progresses.  True Team on Tuesday will be a preview of the level of competition our Section has and then on Friday we will again allow our JV and Middle School show their stuff in Friday’s meet @ Washburn versus the other city schools.


3:15 Attendance

3:30 Team warm-up (walk/jog)

4:00 Event-specific training

5:30 Girls Core in weight room/Boys Core in wrestling room

Event Group Workout Location and time Coach
D/MD Jog to the bandshell and back

Dynamic drills

3×100 grass strides

3×40 strides in spikes on the grass

3×150 go-homes in spikes

5-10 minute jog

Hurdle mobility

Handoffs if running relays

2x(4×200) fast and relaxed with 2 min rest btwn reps, 3 min btwn sets.

Everyone will end with core and bodyweight strength work

Track Gelle, Ronnie, Jaime
S/J/H Varsity:

-Pre Meet: Strides/Flys and Technique Practice


-100’s/200’s Workout

Track Brink, Gerhardt, Huff, Ray
Throws Pre Meet/Technique Josh
MS Sprints Technique Practice Glewwe


Tuesday- TRUE TEAM MEET  @Mounds View HS

1:30 Participating athletes excused from Class

1:45 Bus Leaves SW (Beards Circle)

3:30 Meet Starts

9:30 Expected return time

MS – Practice at SW,  field focus technique day

JV distance runners should run 20-30 minutes and stretch, but there will be no formal practice for you today. If you want to come and help out let coaches know by end of practice Monday, otherwise you will not be excused from class.



3:15 Attendance

3:30 Team warm-up (skip/jump)

4:00 Event-specific training

5:30 Girls Core in weight room/Boys Core in wrestling room

Event Group Workout Location and time Coach
D/MD 40 minute recovery run

Hard lifting day


Track Gelle, Ronnie, Jaime
S/J/H Meet Recovery Day

(NOT an optional practice…like some believe)

Recovery jog with team to lake

Yoga in Wrestling room

Outside Brink, Gerhardt, Huff, Ray
Throws Josh
MS Endurance Workout Glewwe



3:15 Attendance

3:30 Event specific warm-up

4:00 Event-specific training

5:30 Sprint Core in weight room / Distance Core in wrestling room

Event Group Workout Location and time Coach
D/MD MD: 2x(4×200) at 2” faster than 800 goal pace w/ 30” rest btwn reps, 4 btwn sets.
D: 2x(4×400) at mile goal pace w/ 2’ rest btwn reps, 4 btwn sets.
Track Gelle, Ronnie, Jaime
S/J/H Hills Workout @Beards Pleasance 

Core/Strength Circuit in Weight Room

Outside/Weight Room Brink, Gerhardt, Huff, Ray
Throws Josh
MS Technique and Field Practice Glewwe

Friday  –
9th/10th Grade MEET  @ Washburn

2:40 Students Excused (all athletes 10th grade and under able to compete)

2:50 Bus leaves SW

3:45 Meet Start Time

6:00 Estimated Return

11th/12th grade athletes will have practice as normal

– D/MD: Runners not competing will run over and cheer

-S/J/H: Technique and Speed Workouts


Saturday –

D/MD: Long run around the lakes

S/J/H/T/MS: No Practice


Tuesdays True Team Lineup:

Alternates   Girls Varsity Event Boys Varsity   Alternates
Specker 2:34 Audrey Cole 4 x 800 Relay Ruben Margolis 2:12 Anders
2:44 Katy Scott Andrew Gregerson 2:14
2:42 Nicole Ryden Caelan Kleinhans 2:09
2:37 Lily Richmond Charlie Grabow 2:05
17.13 Sophia Auseth 100/110 M Hurdles NONE
18.54 Grace Goer
13.62 Tahnaya SG 100 M Dash Tramone Nevels 11.6 Ramzi/Charles
13.74 Ava MM Marcus Kimbrough 11.65
14.1 Sigal Leavitt
Ava MM 1.56.97 Ava Schaefer 4 x 200 Relay Isaiah Clausen 1:31:00 Kassah Trebe
Ella Stephan Sam Hurcomb
Kacy Selje Nick Flaskamp
Sigal Leavitt TK Marshall
5:24.92 Maddie Hannan 1600 M Run Mitchell Schroeder 4:47.54
5:41.76 Isabel Wyatt Charlie Grabow 4:56.15
5:59 Alison Bode Dylan Surprise 5:07.12
57.17 Sophie D 4 x 100 Relay NONE
Erin B
Ava MM
1:03 Kacy Selje 400 M Dash Kassah Trebe
1:06 Audrey Cole Caelan Kleinhans 56.85
1:09 Penelope Specker Anders Cameron 60
48.07 Sophia Auseth 300M Hurdle Isaiah Clausen 40.7
51.97 Grace Goer Nico Borello 53.1
2:25.32 Maddie Hannan 800 M Dash Mitchell Schroeder 2:05.9
2:44 Summer Johnson Andrew Gregerson 2:16.08
2:46 Morgan Gaskill Dylan Surprise 2:18.21
27.5 Kacy Selje 200 M Dash TK Marshall 23.05
28.05 Ava Schaefer Sam Hurcomb 23.27
28.69 Tahnaya SG Marcus Kimbrough 23.61
29.33 Ava MM Nicholas Flaskamp 24.18
12:15.29 Lily Richmond 3200 M Run Ruben Margolis 10:52.65
12:29.33 Katy Scott Owen Lindseth
12:50 Nicole Ryden
TBD 4:17.13 Kacy Selje 4 x 400 Relay Charlie Grabow 3:41.59 Andrew Gregerson
Audrey Cole Mitch Schroeder
Maddie Hannan Caelan Kleinhans
Sophia Auseth Kassah Trebe
Field Events
29’9 Jane Diaz Shot Put Jayden Moses 34’9
22’7 Abby Blumenfeld Alan Trebe 32’11
21’9 Shelia Bennick Russell Hrubesky 29’6
67’8 Jane Diaz Discus Russell Hrubesky 97’8
64’5 Shelia Bennick Alan Trebe 96’1
45′ Bella Ellstrom Landon Ramos 73’2
Lily Do 15’8 Tahnaya SG Long Jump Sam Hurcomb 22’4 Tramone
14’4 Ava Schaefer TK Marshall 21’2
13’11 Erin Browne Nick Flaskamp 19’9
31’2 Ava Schaefer Triple Jump Sam Hurcomb 43’3
29’5 Erin Browne TK Marshall 43’1
Isaiah Clausen 39’4
Tramone Nevels 35’3
4’10 Ella Stephan High Jump Owen Dean 5’8
Todd Baumann 5’6
ReTehk Meneer 5’4
7’6 Kacy Silje Pole Vault Isaiah Clausen 10’6
6’0 Milena Troha Charles Brown 9’3
6’0 Ruby Browne Issac Faith Nahmad 8’6