Varsity Track and Field · This week in SW Track & Field 4/22


We hope everyone had a great weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and/or spending time with family for Easter and Passover.  This week should be a great week for track with almost perfect running weather (not to hot, not to cold). Tomorrow we’ll get ready for our first home meet Tuesday, then on Thursday we have the whole team head to Burnsville for a meet there and Friday some of our top athletes will be invited to compete in the Hamline elite meet and push themselves against some of the best in the state.

Events this week:

Minneapolis City Relays- Tuesday 4/23

Parents, we need your help! We still have a good amount of slots open to help run concessions.  This is a great opportunity for our team to raise some money to help fun this massive program.  Please email Gerhardt if you can assist on Tuesday ( ).  

The city relays is one of our 3 home meets or the year and follows a unique and fun format  in which every event is a relay.  This format really is something our team can succeed in and one that relys on the depth of each team working together to achieve their best combined score.  We love hosting this event and think it will be a great opportunity to see some of the competition in the conference!  Students will be excused at 2:40 from class and are expected to go directly to the track as the meet begins at 3:30 and should end around 7/7:30pm.  Final line Up will be sent out tomorrow by noon. Please come support the event and this entertaining format!

Burnsville Invite- Thursday 4/25

Open to ALL athletes on the team, including Middle School this will be our first full team showing of the year and we’re excited to see everyone get the opportunity for improving their best time and putting it all on the track! Each year we have many athletes set season bests here and it is one of our favorite meets of the season with some fun friendly competition for both Varsity and JV levels. Athletes will be able to choose any event they want to compete in for the meet and are encouraged to do at least 2-3 if able.

Students will be excused from class at 2pm.  We will have 1 middle school bus picking up @Anthony then Lake Harriet and 2 buses for the high school leaving SW. The buses will all drop off after the meet at Southwest and we’re expecting to return around 9pm.

Hamline Elite Meet- Friday 4/26

The Hamline Elite meet is a Varsity, invite only meet, where state officials take some of the best performances of the year so far in each event from schools all over the state to give the top level of competition.  Lineups will be released for the event on Wednesday but we are hopefully looking at sending 8-10 athletes to the competition this year which is a great achievement for this program and the invited athletes.  Once we have that info we will share info needed with athletes and their families.

Practice Schedule:

This week is a hard week-we have a few meets this week so we will have more technical days at the track and then show our hard work at the meets.  It’ll be a high volume, moderate intensity week of training. Notice we have a long run planned at Hyland Saturday morning! The meet days will serve as the higher intensity days. Besides the long run we will get pretty good mileage with all the warming up, racing, and cooling down on meet days. The recovery days will be 4-5 miles each day, but nothing too intense other than some light tempo and speed work to get our legs actively recovering.  Sprinters and Jumpers, your high intensity days will be the meet as well and we’ll spend time in practice working on speed, handoffs, and steps for all your events.


3:15 Attendance Inside

3:30 Team warm-up (walk/jog 4 laps around the track with dynamic movements)

4:00 Event-specific training

Event Group Workout Location  Coach
D/MD Classic pre-meet:

Jog to the bandshell and back

Dynamic drills

4×100 grass strides

4×40 strides in spikes on the grass

4×150 go-homes in spikes

10 minute jog

*Bring spikes

Light strength work:


Gelle, Ronnie, Jaime
S/J/H Pre-meet:

Strides, starts, and flys

Technique practice


Brink, Gerhardt, Jenn, Ray
Throws Pre-meet Josh
MS Strides

Partner 800s


Tuesday – MEET @ SW City Relays

3:30 Meet begins

-Competing Athletes will be excused from class at 2:40pm

-While Middle school is not all participating, we’d love to have them come watch but they will not have formal practice.  Meet should be over about 7-7:30pm

Wednesday –

3:15 Attendance

3:30 Team warm-up (walk/jog 4 laps around the track with dynamic movements)

4:00 Event-specific training

Event Group Workout Location  Coach
D/MD Modified pre-meet

Bandshell and back

Dynamic drills

4×100 grass strides

D: 3×800 at threshold w/ 800 job btwn, 3×150 go-homes in spikes

MD: 4×400 in-outs (100 jog, 100 sprint; 2’ rest btwn) in spikes

Hurdle mobility

Light strength work/yoga TBD


Outside Gelle, Ronnie, Jaime
S/J/H Pre-meet

Strides and Flys

Handoff/Technique drills


Outside Brink, Gerhardt, Jenn, Ray
Throws Josh
MS Field Events/Technique practice Glewwe

Thursday- Meet @ Burnsville

1:45 Students excused from class

2:00 Bus leaves SW (Anthony @2:00 and Lake Harriet @2:15)

3:30 Meet Starts

Friday – Practice (and Hamline Elite)

3:15 Attendance

3:30 Team Warm Up

4:00 Event-specific training

Event Group Workout Location  Coach
D/MD Easy recovery run around the lake

Leg burning weights


Outside Gelle, Ronnie, Jaime
S/J/H Long easy/recovery run to Bandshell (team convos)

Core Challenge

Hurdle Mobility

Outside Brink, Gerhardt, Jenn, Ray
Throws Josh
MS Recovery Workout Glewwe

Saturday – Distance long run at Hyland 9-10:30


Robbie Brink
Southwest High School
ELL Teacher
Volleyball Varsity Coach
Track and Field Head Coach