Multiple Teams · Spring Break Workouts


Happy Spring Break! We hope you all slept in, or started your travels, or enjoyed the start of this break the best way possible.

Over break us coaches have developed some workouts to keep you moving and on track for development this season (pun intended). These workouts are set up so that wherever you are or whatever time you have you’ll be able to complete them. This is a recovery week in our mesocycle, so it’s fairly light and doable in short times. Feel free to add anything you think you need: throwers think weights, jumpers think 1 leg, pole vault think arms and core, hurdles think trail leg etc. But the key is to make sure you’re staying active and doing something daily.


Spring Break Workouts:

*Distance/MD – Moderate volume, low intensity*

F – 30-40 minute run + 8-10 strides

S – Optional long run or x-train 40-50 minutes

S – Off

M – 15’ WU, 4-5×3’ up-tempo (2’ easy jog rest), 10’ CD + 14’ core/stretching

T – Skip/Jump WU, 10x80m hill at 90% max speed, jog down to stay active, 10’ CD + Strength/weights [2-3×10: DB/Body weight forward Lunges; lateral walks (w/ or w/o bands), zig-zag/Monster walks(w/ or w/o bands); Quadruped hip extension, Fire Hydrants, Heel walks]

W – 40-50’ EZ run + 14’ core/stretching

Th – Skip/Jump WU, 10x100m strides at 95% (walk back rest) 10’ CD + Strength/weights >  [2-3×10: Squats (weight OR 3x60sec holds +2×25 BW squats); Step Ups, SL RDL’s; clamshells, side-lying hip abduction (Jane Fondas), Single leg heel lowering]

F – 40-50’ EZ run + 14’ core/stretching

S – Optional recovery run or x-train 30-40 minutes

S – Off


*S/J/H/T – Low Volume Short High Intensity*

F – 5 – 7 Strides, 30 minute jog for recovery

S – Optional jog or x-train 30-45 minutes

S – Off

M – HIIT: 20 Star Jumps, 15 Burpee w/Push-Up, 25 Bicycle Crunch, 15 Squat Jumps, 20 Shrimp, 10 Push Ups (5 sets, 3 minutes rest between sets) Yoga 15 minutes.

T – Hill Workout: 2 50 Meter Hills at 90%, 2 60 Meter hills at 80%, 2 100 Meter hills at 80%. (3-4 sets 5 minutes rest between sets. 2 minutes rest between each hill) 10 minute jog to cool down. Stretch.

W – 10 Striends, 10 Flys, Technique – High Knee Drill, High Knee Karaoke, Arm Swings, 45 degree leg drive on a wall (15 minutes). 3-5 100 yard sprints.

Th – Sprints – 400 meters (3 Minutes Rest), 300 meters (2 minutes rest), 200 meters (1 minute rest), 100 M. Rest 5-7 minutes between sets 3-4 sets

F – Active recovery – jog for 2 miles. Stretch.

S – Optional jog or x-train 30-45 minutes

S – Off

*If you have a beach: High Knee Sprints into the water is a great workout because you can then go swimming – lucky.

*If you are not near a track or have fitne – 10-12 city blocks is about a mile.


Have a great break and we’ll see you back on the track Apr 8th!

-The Coaches