Multiple Teams · 2019 T&F Welcome Meeting

Hey Track and Field Parents,

Here is the information from the beginning of the season meeting we held for the beginning of the season.  It contains the Philosophy, Expectations, Lettering Criteria, School Store and everything you need to be in the right place for the season.


Southwest Track and Field 2019 Pre Season/Expectations Night


Southwest Track and Field is one of the most decorated programs at SW and we are proud to be in the midst of one of the best teams in recent years.  We pride ourselves on the ability to send some athletes on to state each season and often have many more who continue to participate in the sport at a collegiate level as well as strive to work with athletes of all abilities and teach the importance of fitness in everyday life.  We look forward to keeping that tradition going this year.


SW Track and Field Mission:

Our team mission is simple and threefold:

  • To create an atmosphere and environment for all athletes to be successful as people.
  • Athlete involvement in our program will help them be more successful in life, promoting and developing the connection between leadership, academics, and athletics.
  • To help each player reach full potential as an athlete and foster an attitude of lifelong fitness.



We have many forms of communication which you can find information:


Twitter: @SouthwestAD


Fast facts for 2019

-About 100+ athletes already.

-6 Captains

-More than 10 top 8 Section Finishes in 2018

-Over 80% participation in multiple sports, many in their 3rd sport of the year


Coaches and Captains:

Coaches: Captains:

Robbie Brink (head coach-field events) Maddie Hannon

Andrea Gelle (head coach-distance) Sigal Leavitt

Aaron Gerhardt (head coach-sprints/hurdles) Sam Hurcomb

Jenn Huff (JV coach/high jump/Hurdles) TK Marshall

Jaime Yaeck (distance coach) Owen Dean

Ronnie Stimson (distance coach) Mitch Schroeder

Ray Kidd (horizontal jumps coach)

Josh Zoucha (throws coach)

James Glewwe (middle school coach)

Julie Flaskamp (high jump coach)



  1. Be on time and come prepared, always being ready to work hard, participate, and have fun.
  2. Represent SW with class and integrity at all times.  This is at meets, practice, school, and in the community.  You are held to a higher standard than everyone else as a student athlete so please act accordingly.
  3. Good sportsmanship: Win or lose you should always be a good sport about your performance, or those of your teammates.  Including accepting the decisions of the officials (only coaches will talk with them, you talk to your coach if there is an issue). Maintain a high standard of respect and dignity.
  4. ALL athletes are to help with set up and take down at every practice and ALL meets.  This is your team, we need your help to make things run smoothly, so please help with:
    1. being part of hurdle crew
    2. setting up and taking down pits and standards
    3. getting out and putting away field implements and items
    4. picking up any trash you see around the team camp or on our field
    5. anything else coaches ask you to help out with
  5. Support yourself, your team, and your teammates in a positive light at all times
  6. Adhere to the rules of the school behavior policy and the law. Any breaking of those rules are grounds for immediate removal from the team which include but are not limited to theft, assault, use of drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, prescription pills, vapping, etc
  7. Have open communication with coaches about injuries, attendance, class needs, family situations, anything that comes up, etc.
  8. Follow all school, city, state, and MSHSL rules and bylaws
  • attendance: no unexcused absences in the day and must always be in ½ day of school, even if that absence is excused.
  • only 1 tardy on any given day
  • behavior: following school and MSHSL behavior codes and bylaws
  • responsibilities-doing what you need to do to meet expectations of yourself, parents, teachers, and coaches.
  • athletes must ride bus to and from meets, only if form is signed prior to event can athletes get a ride home with their parent or guardian only.


Lettering Policy:

A varsity letter is a great honor that must be earned and is not awarded for mere participation. Earning a letter is based on a point system. An athlete must earn a minimum of 10 points to earn a varsity letter.  Please remember that lettering is a privilege and up to coaches discretion, not a gift, you must earn it by being the best you (which includes attendance, participation, and effort).

In order to attain a varsity letter in track and field an athlete must:

  • Complete the season in good standing, return all issued equipment and receive the coaching staffs recommendation based on attitude, dedication, and sportsmanship. (1 point, required)
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations of the Minnesota State High School League, the Southwest Athletic Department, and the Southwest Track and Field Team (1 point, required).
  • Attend all practices and meets. Excused absences will not count against attendance points (1 point, required).
  • Maintain a GPA of greater than or equal to 2.0 during the grading period of the season (1 point, required).
  • Participate actively in fundraising events (1 point, required).

In addition, an athlete must attain any of the following so that the sum of points is equal to or greater than 10 (this includes the 5 points from above):


Girls Boys
100 13.55 11.8
200 28.1 23.5
400 63.25 53.15
800 2:30 2:05
1600 5:35 4:45
3200 12:45 10:30
100/110 Hurdles 17.25 16.5
300 Hurdles 52.0 43.0
Long Jump 15-0 19-6
Triple Jump 30-0 39-0
High Jump 4-8 5-8
Pole Vault 8-0 11-0
Shot Put 30-0 45-0
Discus 90-0 120-0


  • 5 points are awarded for achieving a performance standard.
  • 1 point is awarded for competing at any of the following meets: True Team Sections, City Conference, Sections.
  • 2 points are awarded for winning a relay event or placing in the top 3 in an individual event in the City Conference meet.
  • 2 points are awarded for placing in the top half of an event at the Section meet.
  • 5 points are awarded for qualifying for the State meet.
  • A senior who has successfully completed at least three seasons and demonstrates leadership by example will earn a varsity letter.


Team Store/Spirit Wear

Attached is examples of the team gear for this season.  This is not required but we love seeing our athletes in SW gear at meets and in the hallways.  Please visit our team store that link will be open until March 24 so we can get the clothes at a decent time of the season.


Team Communication

To get the weekly emails and announcements to the team we will be using the new website platform.  You can sign up for that at the Sign Up for Alerts tab under more on the athletics page and fill out the info you need and checking Track (  


Middle School

We love having our middle school program as part of our team!  This year we have Coach Glewwe who is joining us to be in charge of the middle school runners.  For normal practice days, you are expected to fulfill the requirements of your school, then after school get to SW by 4:30 and end with the team at 6:00.  On high school meet days, you/your family is responsible to get you to SW and make the bus if you are chosen to compete. For JV and Middle School Specific buses where we expect many to run, we will have buses come to Anthony and Lake Harriet.


Booster Club

The Southwest Track and Field Booster Club is a great way to get involved in the track and field program. The boosters are responsible for helping run the concession stand, fundraising, and organizing team dinners, and other activities. Track and Field would not be possible without the booster club and the support of our parents.

We are still seeking out some volunteers for various things in the Booster world.  Please let us know if you can help out. Coach Gerhardt (  will be the main contact for that and works with the booster club on behalf of the coaching staff. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We will be sending out more information on how to get involved in the booster soon.


Athletic Trainer:

If there is ever a time that you are feeling more than healthily sore or any injury sustained during practice or a meet we have our Southwest Athletic Trainer Kelsey who will be there to help with anything athletes need and can help speed up their recovery.  Her info is:

Athletic trainer: Kelsey Gleich



At the end of the day:

It is our hope that at the end of each practice and the end of the season you feel good (yes sore is a good thing) and are better, faster, and stronger than you were at the beginning of the day and this journey.  We hope that as coaches we can help each athlete set and achieve their goals and give them tools and opportunity to do show that. We also hope that each athlete grow as a person and continue to better ones fitness, themselves through dedication to our team, and create meaningful friendships.